11.12.12I’ve been wondering for a while (i.e. years): why don’t they make more plain white toothbrushes? Why do they need to have stripes or be in garish colours? Do they make for a more effective tool?

I don’t normally use the dental kits hotels provide but when I saw the simple white toothbrush, I grabbed. Two. I would’ve taken more but I didn’t realise the until halfway through my stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney, and so I was only able to nab a couple.

Just plain white. My dentist gave me one years ago – I was unable to find it in the shops. Just plain white. How hard can it be to satisfy the most undemanding, boring customers out there? Just plain white. Now you know how much of a nerd I am.


5 thoughts on “11.12.12

  1. ok, fess up: what else did you nab from the park hyatt? ^ –
    (don’t they hurt your gums, those hotel toothbrushes..?)

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