the light at the end of the tunnelLast day of what’s been a pretty sh*tty year.

All I could do was to follow the light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy new year. Happy new year.



Children Collide at AnnandaleGot home from Children Collide gig at the Annandale at about 01:30, skin tingling, ears ringing, feet aching, brain buzzing, dress drenched (80% sweat, 20% the beer of random strangers).

I’m not saying I’m about to give up my 3-4 times a week exercise sessions, but why can’t they be as much fun and the endorphin-high as good as what I got last night?


lots of windowsIt’s almost that time of year again when one’s mind turns to vantage points. New Year’s Eve means most of us will be jostling for a spot from which to view the fireworks.

I’ve got a few options, but somehow the most appealing is the one wherein I sit at home and turn on the television. No crowds, no anti-social behaviour, no trying-but-failing-to-flag-a-cab-and-having-to-walk-for-ages-instead-all-the-while-cursing-the-city’s-lack-of-taxis – need I continue?

Decisions, decisions…


mirthI had a lot of fun on Christmas, both day and night. So much so that I spent the entirety of yesterday thinking that if I never saw a glass of Champagne again until next Christmas it’d still be too soon.

A couple of weeks ago, six hours or so into a boozy work lunch (!), I found myself discussing Not Drinking with a colleague. He said he would give me $500 up front, and that if I managed to stay alcohol-free from 1 January to 31 March, I’d get to keep the dosh. If, however, I fell off the wagon, I’d have to return the $500 and, to make things really interesting, pay him double on top of the original figure. We agreed that I could take the weekend to consider and let him know my decision on Monday.

Of course, Monday came and in my usual fashion, I neither accepted nor declined. Because it felt odd to taking $500 from anyone, bet or no bet. You can tell I’m not a wheeler/dealer type, can’t you?

But I’m going to do it.

The decision was made as I found myself lying on the floor (my idea) with my friends taking these happy-snaps. Don’t all good ideas happen this way?

Yes, I will do it.

Anyway, remind me I said this on New Year’s Day.


Pacha at ivyFound myself at Pacha at ivy last night. Just when I thought I was getting too old to be at such places. It was mainly for the Hub who needed to see the place in action for an upcoming something. (I’m being vague, I apologise, but I can’t share more than that.)

As you can see, there was entertainment which I enjoyed but it did bring on the acrophobia and a touch of vertigo… (The quartet of feathered dancers on the ledge in the bottom left pic wore safety harnesses around their corseted waists.)

I was watching from a balcony, and I chose to remain there instead of joining the dancing throng below which means I got home unscathed (no squashed toes) and with barely a bead of sweat on me. Well, I did say I was getting old for this sort of activity so the outcome was perfectly acceptable.

More pics here.


the day afterI’m very glad the world didn’t end yesterday. It was the last day of work for the year… and no, I’m not excited about Christmas or New Year’s Eve or even the new year. I’m just thrilled to be having two weeks off!

Now I’m listening to Bing Crosby singing White Christmas and Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! and it’s not that I’m trying to get myself into the seasonal mood; it never feels quite like Christmas now in Australia after spending almost a decade in England. My father always used to put on a bit o’ Bing at this time of year. That’s all.