I bought these spin pins in March but didn’t really get into using them until just recently. And they are simply genius. Instead of a bun full of bobby pins, all I need now is these two pins and my bun stays in place, all day. You simply twist the pins in and it’s literally like you’ve screwed your bun in place. Whoever invented the spin pin, you’re a legend.

I don’t know where to buy them in Sydney, though; mine were purchased from a shop in Forrest Chase, Perth. (I don’t even know if the shop is still there – one can never assume in this poor retail climate.) However, I see that they’re available via Amazon, which is handy. I need some spares.

And speaking of things not readily available here in Australia, what about the US edition of Harper’s Bazaar? Where the heck are they now? You almost never see them at the newsagents’ now. The June/July 2012 copy shown in the photo was bought at LAX. I don’t know what it is about American magazines but I’ve been a fan since I first discovered Seventeen magazine at the age of 13. Is it the paper? The dimensions, which are (closer to) letter size than A4? The content… the ads (!)? I’ve been reading magazines for years – obviously – and I just don’t get the same buzz from Australian magazines as I do from their American counterparts. I don’t know why that is. So, anyway, what’s the deal, Aussie newsagents? Is there an embargo on HB US?


2 thoughts on “01.11.12

  1. i know! i love them too^^. by the way, have you tried the one shaped like a horse-shoe (sort of) to make a french chignon? you only need the one pin! that’s my favourite…

    • No, I don’t have the horse-shoe one. But then again, I am extremely unskilled when it comes to hair. Chignon, what? 😉

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