I almost didn’t post this for two reasons: one, it’s embarrassingly trivial (even more so than all my other trivial posts) and two, the photo almost gave away a bit more information than I would like. But I found a way around it with some editing and the help of a handful of stars.

Anyway, see that glass bottle in the pic? I kept the bottle long after drinking the contents – good ole H2O – because I liked its stout, simple shape, and the fonts used. (Yes, I will admit to being a typography geek now, and happily point you in the direction of the bottle in its full glory here.) And when I say “long after”, I mean that a colleague gave it to me some time in 2005. I’ve carted that bottle from one workplace to another and back again, refilling it each morning, sometimes twice each day.┬áLast year, when I returned to my current workplace after three-and-a-half years somewhere else, my colleague saw the bottle and we had a laugh about the old days. He and I had started working at the firm around the same time, the office was much smaller then, and we spent many evenings chatting about various things that we found amusing about our colleagues (now we just find them annoying – or maybe it’s just me who finds them annoying?)

Yesterday morning when I arrived at the office, the bottle was gone. The cleaner must’ve thought it was just an ’empty’ and chucked it out. And the annoying thing about it was that she’d left behind a plate with some crumbs on it – but my bottle! How could she have taken my bottle?!?

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost my marbles to be vexing over a silly bottle, so I’d better explain myself quick-smart. Earlier this week, I found out that the colleague who had given me the bottle is being managed out. I just happened to notice that he was in a meeting with two partners on Monday, and it didn’t look like ‘just a catch-up’ type meeting. Call me cynical, but I always assume the worst when I see anyone in a partner’s office. I had a sinking feeling which wasn’t helped the next day when I asked how he was, and he deflected the question with a comment about something else altogether. The next day, my boss told me ‘in confidence’ what I already knew. (He seemed surprised that I’d figured it out, but honestly, anyone with two brain cells would’ve assumed the same. Management can be very naive sometimes, in my humble opinion!)

So, now you see… I’m upset about my colleague and I can’t even tell him I know his news and how sorry I am about it all, so I’m fixating on the bottle he gave me all those years ago. I know I could just go out and buy another one, but it’s not the same.

My desk was simply not the same yesterday, and soon the office won’t be the same either when my colleague goes.