Honestly, I wasn’t thinking much at the time, certainly not about whether it would make a worthwhile shot.

Well, no, I lie. I was thinking: “Is that her REAL hair?!” And then I noticed the fake hair extension clips on the roots at the base of her head. I don’t understand why anyone would go for fake hair extensions – shoddy ones – and then put her hair up in a pony which reveals all that clippy fakery. It wasn’t good. I kept trying to look away, but I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from it. In my defence, the sun was blinding and it was hard to look anywhere else.

That’s right, I blame the slow sunset.


2 thoughts on “25.10.12

  1. I get it. I totally get it. I would have done the same. :0
    I laughed so hard like it was the funniest thing someone could have told me. But it IS funny! Why for the love of god, some people do what they do… I don’t know.

    Today, in Perth city, a lady in her mid 30’s wearing the popular peplum top, the shortest mini skirt I have ever seen but wait for it…
    the daggiest, ugliest looking, worn out panties I have ever seen!!! She didn’t even have to bend down for people to see her underwear! Yes, the skirt was that short! And my son and I were unfortunate enough to be walking behind her.
    “Mummy, that lady’s undies has got holes on it. Poor lady!” said the 4 year old boy loudly.

    I die.

    • Oh Mans! That’s so brilliantly funny! I love it. Leave it to a four-year-old to state the obvious. Who needs the old story of The Emperor’s New Clothes when you have The Lady Has Holes In Her Undies?! Thank you for sharing it. 😀

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