I bought two Bobino cord wraps last December, one in red, the other in black. Before I discovered these nifty spindle things, my headset cable was almost always tangled or knotted and the source of much cursing under my breath (especially and frequently while in public). Seriously, it used to drive me bonkers!

Last week, I lost my red Bobino, along with the iPhone headset that was wrapped around it. I was in denial for about five days. I rarely lose stuff because I’m really particular about where my things are; I just couldn’t fathom how I could have lost my red Bobino! Actually I reckon I’m still in denial. I’ve only used my other headset once in the last week, and I still find myself checking in one place or another or keep thinking the lost Bobino/headset will simply show up. Recurring thought: Where where where could it have gone?

Anyway, the black Bobino holds the Sennheiser headset, which although it’s great for sound quality, it doesn’t have a mouthpiece so it’s just not as useful as its iPhone equivalent.

Oh, the irony of being completely unaccepting of the fact that I’m now without the handy mouthpiece when all I want to NOT do this week is talk to anyone. Blame my anti-social feeling on 12- or 13-hour days at the office this week.


 I really adore the latest Harper’s Bazaar cover featuring Emily Blunt – she looks ravishingly beautiful. That’s all.


2 thoughts on “24.10.12

  1. funny you should mention sennheiser. i used to have one of their headsets, like, 15 years ago, that came with a bobino type wind-up thingie, matching the colour of the headset (turquoise^^). i tend to think about it when cursing under my breath at my current non-sennheiser ones! bobino, here i come…

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