Do you ever feel like talking about what’s perceived as The Problem is actually what makes it a problem in the first place?

I’m a bit tired of talking right now, even though I know most people would say It’s Good to Talk, but isn’t that just an advertising slogan for a telecommunications company with a mammoth market share for whom talking means more profits?

I wish I could just look into your eyes and you’d know what I was thinking; no need to analyse or agonise. (We haven’t evolved enough yet, if you ask me.)


2 thoughts on “16.10.12

  1. totally. you get tired of Talking Things Through, as we discussed recently (letting the irony pass…). the thing about looking into someone’s eyes though: it obviously can’t happen all the time, but luckily there are times when it does. restores my faith in relationships, that.

    • I forgot we’d discussed. Gee, goldfish memory. đŸ˜‰ I think I more or less have that in my personal life, but I wish I could get just a smidgen of that at the office.

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