Well, now, you see: by day, I’m the straightest, second-most conform-iest^ person in the office. Jacket over knee-length dress sans cleavage. Just enough heel to say I’m here. Watch by Tag Heuer because it’s no nonsense. Silver non-bling by Tiffany & Co.

But in my own time, something different, sir, like this Domed Caged Ring by Low Luv x Erin Wasson. And leather shorts, boots, and the blackest mascara I can find (L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black – which, by the way, isn’t available in Australia; + it’s blacker than black / – it’s pretty clumpy).

I won’t wear it tonight, even though I’m going out on a school night to a gig – because it looks a little strange with the O.P.I. New York Red polish… but the weekend doth beckon… (I know it’s only Thursday, but four-day weeks serve the heighten the anticipation.)

^ Uh, yeah, I know that ain’t grammatical.


2 thoughts on “04.10.12

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