Midweek reminder to self.


I managed to race out of the office as it nudged 9pm tonight. I’d missed the day.

Just as well I’d caught this sunset a few days ago.

Even days afterward, right now, I’m tired and over it, but I can’t forget how that sunset filled the apartment with red and gold, and for a brief moment, I believed in Something.


Been eyeing L’oréal Color Riche Le Vernis for a while but held off from purchasing because I already have so many bottles of nail polish which I hardly ever use for I’d much rather get my nails done at the salon. However, I finally succumbed this week and bought two, this one, #107 Beige Boheme, and #401 Rouge Pin Up. Beige Boheme, as you can see is a pinky-brown, while the latter is an orange-red.

I must confess that I didn’t even bother to read the marketing spiel – it was the bottle’s shape and size that most appealed. I do like the longish square bottle, and 5ml is just enough for those of us who are fickle and want to try lots of colours but don’t necessarily want to be wearing them for years. I guess I would describe 5ml as a more ‘seasonal’ size, and really, that’s all a girl needs sometimes.

The manicurist was a little surprised when I pulled out the bottle from my bag, but she didn’t object. I could’ve quite easily done the paint job myself but my cuticles were in desperate need of tidying and although I could’ve sorted my left hand well enough, the right would still have looked like King Kong’s fist.

I would’ve quizzed her on the lacquer and the brush but she was a surly thing and seemed to scowl at me from behind the mask she wore over her nose and mouth. Then she and her colleagues got into a spirited discussion about the iPad – one insisted it was called the “iPad 4”, while the other said “No, it’s the iPad Mini!” and the word “Wi-fi” seemed to pop up rather a great deal, too. I was trying not to listen because I don’t speak Vietnamese and most of it didn’t make sense but I guess ‘iPad’ is now one of those words like ‘Google’ that doesn’t need translation and it integrates pretty well into any language and is easily recognisable to a random listener/eavesdropper, regardless of the tone, inflection or linguistic interference belonging to the speaker.

…Oh, where was I? That’s right. This polish seemed to apply extremely smoothly and dry equally well. The brush, I had noticed, was shaped just-so. I must say that L’oréal does do an excellent brush, but I believe this one has had noteworthy enhancements to its design and technology (if one can use the word when one is referring to nail polish!). As for the stuff itself, L’oréal calls it ‘Liquigel’, meaning it’s a lacquer with a gel base because these days everyone is using gel it seems, except that some of us don’t want to have it baked on, so this is the next best thing.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the resulting rich colour and shine, and #401 Rouge Pin Up looks pretty good on my toes, too.


I almost didn’t post this for two reasons: one, it’s embarrassingly trivial (even more so than all my other trivial posts) and two, the photo almost gave away a bit more information than I would like. But I found a way around it with some editing and the help of a handful of stars.

Anyway, see that glass bottle in the pic? I kept the bottle long after drinking the contents – good ole H2O – because I liked its stout, simple shape, and the fonts used. (Yes, I will admit to being a typography geek now, and happily point you in the direction of the bottle in its full glory here.) And when I say “long after”, I mean that a colleague gave it to me some time in 2005. I’ve carted that bottle from one workplace to another and back again, refilling it each morning, sometimes twice each day. Last year, when I returned to my current workplace after three-and-a-half years somewhere else, my colleague saw the bottle and we had a laugh about the old days. He and I had started working at the firm around the same time, the office was much smaller then, and we spent many evenings chatting about various things that we found amusing about our colleagues (now we just find them annoying – or maybe it’s just me who finds them annoying?)

Yesterday morning when I arrived at the office, the bottle was gone. The cleaner must’ve thought it was just an ’empty’ and chucked it out. And the annoying thing about it was that she’d left behind a plate with some crumbs on it – but my bottle! How could she have taken my bottle?!?

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost my marbles to be vexing over a silly bottle, so I’d better explain myself quick-smart. Earlier this week, I found out that the colleague who had given me the bottle is being managed out. I just happened to notice that he was in a meeting with two partners on Monday, and it didn’t look like ‘just a catch-up’ type meeting. Call me cynical, but I always assume the worst when I see anyone in a partner’s office. I had a sinking feeling which wasn’t helped the next day when I asked how he was, and he deflected the question with a comment about something else altogether. The next day, my boss told me ‘in confidence’ what I already knew. (He seemed surprised that I’d figured it out, but honestly, anyone with two brain cells would’ve assumed the same. Management can be very naive sometimes, in my humble opinion!)

So, now you see… I’m upset about my colleague and I can’t even tell him I know his news and how sorry I am about it all, so I’m fixating on the bottle he gave me all those years ago. I know I could just go out and buy another one, but it’s not the same.

My desk was simply not the same yesterday, and soon the office won’t be the same either when my colleague goes.


Honestly, I wasn’t thinking much at the time, certainly not about whether it would make a worthwhile shot.

Well, no, I lie. I was thinking: “Is that her REAL hair?!” And then I noticed the fake hair extension clips on the roots at the base of her head. I don’t understand why anyone would go for fake hair extensions – shoddy ones – and then put her hair up in a pony which reveals all that clippy fakery. It wasn’t good. I kept trying to look away, but I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from it. In my defence, the sun was blinding and it was hard to look anywhere else.

That’s right, I blame the slow sunset.


I bought two Bobino cord wraps last December, one in red, the other in black. Before I discovered these nifty spindle things, my headset cable was almost always tangled or knotted and the source of much cursing under my breath (especially and frequently while in public). Seriously, it used to drive me bonkers!

Last week, I lost my red Bobino, along with the iPhone headset that was wrapped around it. I was in denial for about five days. I rarely lose stuff because I’m really particular about where my things are; I just couldn’t fathom how I could have lost my red Bobino! Actually I reckon I’m still in denial. I’ve only used my other headset once in the last week, and I still find myself checking in one place or another or keep thinking the lost Bobino/headset will simply show up. Recurring thought: Where where where could it have gone?

Anyway, the black Bobino holds the Sennheiser headset, which although it’s great for sound quality, it doesn’t have a mouthpiece so it’s just not as useful as its iPhone equivalent.

Oh, the irony of being completely unaccepting of the fact that I’m now without the handy mouthpiece when all I want to NOT do this week is talk to anyone. Blame my anti-social feeling on 12- or 13-hour days at the office this week.


 I really adore the latest Harper’s Bazaar cover featuring Emily Blunt – she looks ravishingly beautiful. That’s all.


For the next four weeks, I’m All Work & No Play, Makes Me A Dull Girl, So The Hell What?

A noteworthy mention: passing comment made by the boss this evening – “You could probably do with an assistant*.”

But now, in the meantime, good night.


* Let’s see about that, shall we?