I need a burst of something bright this morning. (I promise, the colour wasn’t photoshopped, nor did I use a flash with these beautiful specimens.)

Received a mild remonstration from the Hub when I returned from my treadmill session this morning for waking up “in the middle of the night” to exercise. It was 5:30! Hardly the middle of the night.

It’s been an immensely long and challenging week. I had dinner with a cousin and her son on Tuesday – they were visiting from Perth – and was explaining that of late, 12-hour days have been the norm. “But you like your job, don’t you?” she asked, “I suppose that makes it tolerable.”

I said yes, but after yesterday I really wasn’t too sure any more.

…But my point is, if I don’t get up at 5:30 to fit in the exercise, it’s hard to find any other time in the day. I think it’s the norm for lots of us.

But the good news is: it’s almost the long weekend.


6 thoughts on “27.09.12

  1. Not sure what’s keeping you there but I wouldn’t put up with 12 hour days. There are plenty of jobs that work normal hours. I suppose it may be the conditions and the particular industry.

    Con and I both work a mandated 37.5 hour week and both love our jobs.

    • My basic workday is 8.5 hours (0830-1800 less an hour for lunch – which I rarely manage to take) so 37.5 is unattainable from the get-go. Pre-0800 starts are not uncommon, and finishing before 1830 would be counted as a good day. Guess it’s the industry.

    • It is, for me, anyway. I feel saner for having had the exercise, even if it means I am nodding off before the late night news. 😉

      I can’t get enough of the orchids!

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