Got my test results today.

The good news is B12 is fine; iron is OK, too; kidney, liver and thyroid function, all equally positive. The less good is that I’m low in vitamin D. I guess we expected it, but I was still surprised to hear/see the results. I was expecting the iron reading to be low as well since I only have red meat once every three or four weeks; in fact, I’m certain my doctor was a bit shocked the iron was in the normal range, but there you go – I’ve got enough of the stuff in the bank, apparently.

The D, however, needs a blast. I’m certainly not getting it in the normal course of daily life; I don’t think I have done for a while. The reality is I’m indoors for most of the daylight hours of the work week, and when I do go outside, I’ve got sunscreen on because I’m paranoid about skin cancer (and wrinkles). I’m not alone in this apparently, and although I can’t remember the statistic, I believe lots of Australians are vitamin D-deficient – somewhat surprising, I suppose, for living in this sun-drenched country of ours. Perhaps all those ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ campaigns over the years have been too effective.

I’m glad the fix is easy enough. Obviously the real thing would be great, but it’s not going to happen in the near term so thanks for the pills.


2 thoughts on “21.09.12

  1. I do like their tagline : “Daily burst of sunshine” – makes me want to just grab a few packs for the rainy days .. heh heh. Pun intended.

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