I’m feeling introspective. My fortnightly sessions on Macquarie Street always bring forth the outside-looking-in.

I’m in that mode where I don’t want to talk to anyone. Again. I am that person for whom the internet and SMS was invented. If I didn’t have to talk to another human being… Sigh… I don’t mind that thought so much some nights. Like tonight.

It’s exhausting.

Why is it so?

I don’t know.

… When I say I want to disappear I mean disappear like an ant under a thick pile of leaves beneath the shadows of giant trees. Or like a nobody in the maze of a metropolis. I’m not being moribund. I just want some solitude. Sometimes.

The xx provides the perfect soundtrack tonight. (Coexist could be one of my Top 5 albums of 2012. Could be.)


What say you?

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