We look to the light even if we don’t always want to be revealed in its glow.

Not at first.



A friend called just as I was hitting the home-straight, with something I’d picked up from the supermarket for dinner. “Do you want to meet for dinner?” she asked.

Besides the fact that I was almost home (Umm, a bit of notice would’ve been helpful?), I was simply in a reading mood: Vanity Fair article via Flipboard on the iPad; the (sydney) magazine; Monocle Mediterraneo*; and (gasp!) a tree book (which shall remain unnamed because it’s shrink-recommended ‘homework’).

So, the answer was no.


* Speaking of which, it got to 32C in Sydney today. It’s only Spring! No, I’m not complaining. I love it!


I need a burst of something bright this morning. (I promise, the colour wasn’t photoshopped, nor did I use a flash with these beautiful specimens.)

Received a mild remonstration from the Hub when I returned from my treadmill session this morning for waking up “in the middle of the night” to exercise. It was 5:30! Hardly the middle of the night.

It’s been an immensely long and challenging week. I had dinner with a cousin and her son on Tuesday – they were visiting from Perth – and was explaining that of late, 12-hour days have been the norm. “But you like your job, don’t you?” she asked, “I suppose that makes it tolerable.”

I said yes, but after yesterday I really wasn’t too sure any more.

…But my point is, if I don’t get up at 5:30 to fit in the exercise, it’s hard to find any other time in the day. I think it’s the norm for lots of us.

But the good news is: it’s almost the long weekend.


R.I.P. ‘Cuddles’.

Ex-feline neighbour who used to squeak when she was picked up, which didn’t happen often because she was such a tubby kitty.

She almost got to age 2. Hope she left a dent in the car responsible.


It’s not just spring that makes it my favourite time of year in Sydney. It’s Art & About.

Each year, I look forward to strolling through Hyde Park and taking in the photos on display down the length of the central walkway. Trees and photography, hanging out together. Simple, clever, and smile-inducing.

If you are an art fan, now is the time to soak it up – not just in Hyde Park, but all over Sydney. Enjoy!


More than one person has commented that I seem to only post non-smiling self-portraits, and I suppose there is some truth to that. So here is a smiley one. I like the sun-flare and the fact that the image is not perfectly sharp.

In other news, I’m apparently an annoying person who goes dark, drops off the radar, goes completely AWOL, sometimes, and I’m hopelessly uncommunicative, and I should make more of an effort to respond to personal emails. (Wow. OK, don’t hold back. Sometimes one can’t help but regret asking for feedback. Also I have no emotional intelligence – yes, I was told that months ago, but it’s still memorable in a stinging way.) However, I like to think that when you get me one-to-one, I make up for it in spades. Can I get a highfuckingfive, please?