I wish I was a pooch sometimes. I’d never have to worry about minding my Ps and Qs, about being patient or holding back when what I really want to do is tell someone exactly how annoying he’s being. And how the problem we have today could have been avoided a month ago, if he’d only just paid a-fecking-ttention. (I’m sorry, I did indeed allude to this last week, but you see, the issue is still stalking me, so I hope you’ll forgive me my annoyance.)

It’s too infuriating/boring to detail. But not only have I lost hours at the office, I’ve also lost sleep over it. Right. I did say ‘infuriating’. Especially at 2am when one is tossing and turning and wishing – just wishing – for the zzz’s to take over.

The dog in the photo went absolutely mental when I walked past the gate. So did his dark brown friend (whose paw is barely visible). As I said, I wish…


What say you?

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