After the sale of our house was completed, the Hub came home a few days later and handed me a wad of cash.

“What’s this?!” I squeaked.

“Your treat,” he said. “Remember, I said you could have something to play with.”

“Yes, but… cash? Why didn’t you just transfer it to my account?”

“Because cash is more fun!” the Hub said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Spend it on whatever you want – but not another handbag!”

I know what you got from that conversation. One, I’m no fun at all; I mean, who in her right mind complains about whether it’s cash or funds transferred electronically. Two, I may have more than -ahem!- a few handbags.

I bought some things right away (I also deposited the cash into the bank account). Mainly items of clothing, such as three pairs of boots for winter, two jackets, a heap of tops. (I can’t seem to buy only one item of something – they always need a friend or two. I don’t know why this is so.) I decided not to upgrade my first generation iPad because there is nothing wrong with it and after all the clothing I was feeling a bit guilty about being a consumerist cliché.

As I said, this was months ago. I thought I had dodged the handbag bullet rather well. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.

But as they say, pride comes before a fall an uncontrollable urge to shop, and I should’ve known that it never works to delay the inevitable. Not for me anyway. Especially where handbags are concerned. (The first time I fell deeply in love with a handbag, I walked away. I went away to get married – two weeks in Jamaica. But the first thing I did when I returned home to London was get the bag (I think it was by Furla); I don’t even think I bothered to unpack.)

This time, I was caught completely by surprise, by way of an email about a sale of vintage Chanel handbags – just last week. Idle browsing led to the foregone conclusion, about which I had clearly been in denial. Who was I to think I would be able to resist the siren call of a classic handbag? In love again! How these things seem to sneak up on one!

I went for the small size because I wanted to tackle the Toting Too Much issue – I’ve been carrying my house around of late. This feels so much better. I don’t even have room for a makeup bag now, a lipgloss and a lipstick at the most, if I want room for my credit card holder and coin purse, keys, iPhone, fountain pen, headphones.

Genius. My shoulder doesn’t ache any more.

I trust you don’t need me to wax lyrical about the design of the 2.55 and why it is worth it. Or why I am a consumerist cliché.


3 thoughts on “09.08.12

    • It was time for a change, tsulin! 🙂 The cat had a few other owners a.k.a. feeders on the street anyway. She doesn’t even miss us I’m sure!

  1. I am just re-reading what I wrote, “the house that came with the cat”. Haha..

    Cats, tskk! Which is why I’m more of a dog person.

    Anyway, very envious of your 2.55!!!!

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