With the photo, two stories…

The first and frivolous one is: the colour is Dragon (Shade 475) by Chanel. Both the manicurist and I agreed that the colour is classic and probably one of the best reds in the history of nail shades, but the brush is diabolique. If Chanel could fix, nay, make their brush more like O.P.I.’s brush, I/she/we would probably wear Chanel on our nails more regularly. The brush is too long and too stiff. It sucks, it’s the devil. Hello, Chanel, are you listening?

The second and serious story is: I haven’t got the eye for detail or concentration at the moment. I made a serious enough error at work on Monday, which really, I could’ve done without. I had to recall an email to 250 (+/-) recipients, and we all know that the so-called recall function should in fact be be renamed “Let’s All Highlight Your Monumental Fuck-Up, Shall We?” My doctor has told me to take fish oil to help my brain, and I am trying to work on sleeping better so that I don’t wake up feeling like death warmed up and doing stupid things in my waking hours. (Besides a whole raft of Other Things.) In the meantime, it takes me twice as long to read anything, and as for sending emails, I’m re-re-re-reading them before I click ‘Send’. It’s irritating, to say the least. But not as irritating as the A4 sheet of ‘Sleep Better’ instructions I have received. Some of them are, hmm, going to be tough. For instance, I’m not supposed to eat after 7pm, or read in bed. REALLY? I don’t know anyone who has a real job who eats before 7pm regularly or easily. I’m not supposed to exercise after 6.30pm either. Again, REALLY??! I’m not even going to nudge ‘No reading in bed’ with the proverbial six-foot barge pole.

Needless to say, I was so glad to see the arrival of Friday that the first thing I did this morning was get myself the paint-job. Amen.

2 thoughts on “03.08.12

    • Thanks, John, your comment reminded me that I forgot to use the tag TGIF (and TFIF, for the more ‘French’ among us)! 😉

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