The universe decided that things would be orange today.

 I thought I would do the less to luxe thing via the 10 Bells Large Classic Shoulder Bag (a cheap and cheerful way to brighten things up), and the Hermes les Capucines scarf (which is a few years old, I don’t think it’s in the stores any longer)…

En route to the office, I stopped off at the newsagent and grabbed the ‘latest’ Monocle (June 2012 issue, which is not the latest if you live in the Northern hemisphere, but being in Australia, unless you choose to pay for the Air Express copy, this is the latest)…

Then when I got to the office, my Shopbop order arrived and the receipt was in the usual orange envelope…

By now I gave in to the orange, and pulled out my Rhodia pencil to scribble with for the rest of the day.


What say you?

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