I was at online shopping the other day, four items in my cart. Four times, my card was declined.

I called up the bank. The person I spoke with couldn’t explain why the card had been knocked back. And before I could say “But is it OK now?” she said, “I’ve cancelled your card and ordered you a new one.”

You what?

I’m one of those people who hates cash; I’d pay for my soy latte with a card if I could. When can we start using our mobile phones to pay as you go already?

The lady on the phone said, “It will take four to seven days for your new card to be delivered.”

You what??!

“I can’t believe you’re sending me into the weekend without my card,” I blurted in semi-disbelief. “You know it’s almost the weekend, don’t you?”

I guess I must’ve sounded vexed because she said, “I tell you what, I’ll arrange for it to be delivered overnight. Will that help?”

Hell yes!

“Yes, please.”

The card didn’t arrive before the weekend. Of course.

Why do people say what they’ll do and then not do it? The lady at the bank completely ballsed up the old “under-promise and over-deliver” thing. How hard is it, really?

… I’ve just realised that it was four items and four attempts. That’s too many fours for my liking, frankly. I know it doesn’t make sense. I don’t expect you to understand. Just let me be.


2 thoughts on “11.07.12

  1. *b^tch slaps the bank teller*

    Seriously, they cannot cancel your card without your prior permission. And calling to report or asked what went wrong with it while online shopping is not a permission. Disruptive!

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