I was all set to post my daily missive yesterday after work, but when I got home I found myself seething about something, more accurately, someone – and I just knew that I couldn’t give good blog.

This morning, I don’t feel any better except for the fact that it’s Friday – thank whatEVER! – but I just have to get through today without allowing myself to rise up in anger against this person.

He’s a partner, but no one at the office wants to work with him. So he’s kind of planted himself in our team… which would be fine, except that the reasons why none of my colleagues want to work with him still apply when he’s lurking in our midst: he’s got no people skills, no idea.

I won’t go into the details except to say that yesterday I came very close to doing what I heard (I was on the other side of the office) a colleague do a few months ago, which was march into his office, close the door, and launch into a expletive-littered tirade in which he told this partner exactly what he thought of him. Because he just frustrates [you] so much, and pushes and pushes… and pushes – until you feel like the only way you could get your point across is to pick up a ream of paper and belt him across the head with it. Or shout.

No. I won’t shout. But I have been stroking reams of paper rather more enthusiastically than looks healthy or normal.


What say you?

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