I did say that I was in the USA recently for work, didn’t I? Because it was a work trip, I didn’t do anything remotely interesting like sightseeing, but I did manage to fit in a few visits to Walgreens in San Francisco and Duane Reade in New York.

Big deal, I hear you say, but my drugstore experience was exactly what was needed on the Essie front. This nail polish range is AUD 18.95 in Australia whereas Stateside, it is merely USD 8.00! And although I didn’t need more classic, natural pale pinks in my collection, for less than $10 each, why not?

If you ask me, I reckon I was relatively restrained – I only grabbed two plus a bottle of Feed Me Intense Hydration Treatment. I couldn’t go past Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle, the latter being the shade that seems to swipe a swag of beauty awards each year. To be honest, I prefer Ballet Slippers because Mam’zelle is a bit too opaque-white on me (if that makes any sense), but I have found that a coat of that worn with the ‘Slippers on top seems to work well.

Post-script: I totally forgot I also bought a red in the form of A-List! I don’t know how I could possibly have forgotten! (Perhaps I should’ve waited for the second coffee to kick in this morning before I clicked ‘Publish’.) So, I’ve updated the photo as well.

Left to right: Feed Me, A-List, Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle


5 thoughts on “01.07.12

    • Yes, it drives me crazy when I think how expensive things are in Australia. I should’ve stocked up, bought more. 😉

  1. We could work out a “Tim Tams for Beauty Bargains” trade agreement. Seriously. (I originally wrote “Drugstore Delights” but realized that could be taken the wrong way and have The Authorities checking all packages to and from AU and the US, forever.)

    • LOL! I don’t know where you’re posting from Sensuous Inkspiller, but yeah, I might be willing to consider such an arrangement. 😉 (Drugstore Delights is exactly right, though.)

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